Quick Review: Madden 15

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What’s new?

–  The Infinity engine 2.0 has worked out most of the kinks from the last two games. Tackling and blocking look better.
– The play selector is now smarter; it bases its choices for your plays on statistics to help you best your opponent.
– New cut-scenes, graphics and analysis makes the game feel more cinematic and realistic.

Madden 15 - 1

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Titanfall: why are we paying more for less?

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The endgame is near: I follow a trail of my dead allies to a concrete tower that rises from the battlefield.  A flash of boots catches my eye, dashing up a set of stairs to my right. I sprint after them, arriving at the top of the staircase just in time to see one of the militia forces aiming their rifle scope out of the window. Silently positioning myself behind them, I grab their head and twist it 180 degrees to score the final points and end the game.

Titanfall 2


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COD ‘Power Changes Everything’ Trailer

Exciting times for the new COD trailer!

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Assassin’s Creed Unity: Six Things I Am Excited About

The animations for traversing the city have been overhauled and look fantastic. There has been a great focus on ‘reinventing the franchise’, and, as part of this, Ubisoft have made a great effort to eradicate the often clumsy navigation that was responsible for being detected in stealth missions. There is also dedicated ‘stealth navigation’ so there is no confusion between your controller and Arno’s actions on the screen. The combat animations too look slicker and there is a real element of flare as, Arno, the new protagonist dispatches French revolutionary guards and other adversaries.

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Retrogaming and Rage-quitting: Are games too easy now?


Recently I embarked on a retrogaming project: namely, buying a used Ps1 (and hopefully an N64 in the near future), playing the games and comparing them to the latest releases from the current generation. Over the last couple of weeks I have been playing Crash Bandicoot, Pandemonium and a bit of Hercules.

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Rooftop Film Club Review: True Romance

True Romance

This week I checked out the Rooftop Film Club in Peckham for my film review. To be honest, there’s not a lot that needs to be said for the Quentin Tarantino classic; it’s got a top notch cast, a suitably chaotic spaghetti western storyline and a couple of outrageous moments which are borderline offensive and hilarious. If you haven’t seen it yet grab yourself a copy of the DVD, it’s about a pound on Amazon/CEX.

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‘Lucy’ Film Review

Lucy Photo

Directed and Written: Luc Besson
Runtime: 89 minutes

Scarlett Johansson stars in Luc Besson’s Sci-fi romp and is surrounded with a talented supporting cast including: Morgan Freeman, Amr Waked, Min-Sik Choi, Julian Rhind-Tutt (it was weird seeing the guy from ‘The Green Wing’ as the cheerful English translator for a Korean organised crime syndicate.) The only other person I recognised was Analeigh Tipton, the babysitter out of ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

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